Monday, February 27, 2017

Preparation for the Future

“This is what the past is for! Every experience God gives us, every person he puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only he can see."-  Corrie TenBoom

Family Life
It is hard to believe we have been here in Uganda for almost 3 years.  It doesn’t seem possible that we will be leaving soon, our work is finishing and God has new plans for us.  Whatever those plans are, (staying in the States or ministering in another foreign land).  We have learned to trust in His perfect timing and that His plans are always the best!  God is working everywhere in His world.  We need to just look around us, see where He is working, take steps of faith, and be available for Him to use… He will do the rest.

This month has been all about the shift (Ugandan term for move).

We had our big yard sale and sold almost everything.  We have a few small items left that we will give to our village friends right before our departure.  A young couple that came to adopt has purchased almost all our furniture and has been living with us for the last 6 weeks.  So, it is time for us to move again. 

We are moving into a small-furnished apartment on a church compound this weekend for the remainder of our stay.  It is a tiny, but comfortable apartment. This move will be perfect for consolidating the remainder of our belongings.  The compound has plenty of security guards and we will have no worries in that department.  We can focus on working in the village and packing what is left.  This will be our 7th move since this journey began when we sold our home.  We can almost pack in our sleep now. LOL

The Apartment where we began
When we arrived in July of 2014 we briefly used the apartment and furniture left behind by the Luckey’s.  The apartment we are moving into now is about the same size as the one we stayed in when we first arrived.  How funny to find the Luckey’s furniture is now in the new apartment too.  It only seems fitting to go out the same way we came in!

It has been a roller coaster of emotions lately.  The goodbyes or see you later’s have started. Hard, but feeling so blessed to have made such special friendships!
This sweet girl, Rachel, was my interpreter when I arrived in Uganda and worked by my side for our first year. She traveled quite a distance to come spend some last sweet memories together with us. She protected us (when we made cultural mistakes) loved us unconditionally and helped us in so many ways.  God gave us a little angel to help us!

It is sometimes hard to step back and watch the nationals lead without getting involved.  But, we must say, they are doing a great job!  The school is running properly and they are in the middle of correctly registering the school for the first time.  We are so glad to have been a part of building a good school in Naigobya and giving kids a better chance of a good education.

The Men and Women’s Bible studies are going strong!
Womens ministries (Sewing, Beading & Pad project) are working hard and strong as well.

God didn’t say this journey to Uganda would be easy.  And it wasn’t!  We have traveled through some very difficult things.  This mission and ministry God was leading us through was not about us.  It was about the poor, desperate and lost, which He cares deeply about!  Seeing how different this village is now and how God has developed and changed it, truly is a blessing that we are so thankful we could be a part of.

God did Amazing work, not only in the village, but in us as well!  All the good and the growth we experienced far outweigh any tough times we endured. There is no way we could have done all the wonderful things for this community on our own. Our view was so limited.  God not only transformed a village and gave them a future and a hope; He taught and transformed us.  We learned more about ourselves: it’s not about us, it’s not easy, and don’t let the negativity or sins of the people you are trying to reach prevent you from ministering to them.  But, most importantly we have learned our need to just follow Him.  God is already ahead of any plans we have.

Serving Our KING together with you!
Bruce & Janine