Our New Ministry Journey

We have been ministering through local churches in Muskegon for over 30 years.  We have taught Sunday school, Bible studies, Youth Group, and we have been involved in Church planting in the Muskegon area.  We serve by preaching and teaching wherever God has called us. 

God called us to the mission field in 2014 to Uganda, Africa for three years to teach and build up a community in the village of Naigobya.  We trained the people to be trainers in Bible studies, pastoral training, chapel and vocational training. 

In April 2017 we left Uganda.

After much prayer and thorough investigation, we felt called to the Dominican Island.  We will work independently while serving alongside the Multicultural Community Church and other local churches as they reach out to Dominicans and Haitians that are living in inhabitable conditions in Santiago and the entire Island.  Our goal is to provide training and spiritual guidance to help these individuals, and also to build community centers that will serve as places of worship, schools and vocational centers. 

The long-term goal of the Multicultural Community Church and area churches is to fulfill the Great Commission.  We will be preparing leaders and disciple’s to GO and spread the Gospel.  Our plan is to send out missionaries throughout the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the Caribbean.  We will be involved in Discipleship training and Church Planting training to help prepare these individuals for the Call to Go!  Below is a list of our responsibilities.

-Teaching Discipleship training and Church Planting to individuals selected by our team to receive the training.  I will also be available to take this training to other cities and other neighboring Countries when needed.
-Be involved in Evangelism with the team as we go out to their communities to share the Gospel.

-Mentoring, disciplining, and training young women who have been involved in sex trafficking.   Teaching them a vocation to provide an income and a financial way out of the trade.
-Empowering young women to see their God given potential
-Teaching ESL
-Working with young children and infants teaching reading and English.