Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Happy New Year! We had a great idea for a new years resolution. We are going to try and relax a bit and try to be a little more like the culture here. Ya know! Take our time and not be so punctual. So, much for trying to take on the Dominican way of thinking; January 2nd (yesterday) at 4:00 pm we receive a message saying, “Hey, Didn’t get your newsletter for the month. I look forward to them. So, I hope everything is ok” lol 

The month of December was very busy and actually quite rewarding in respects to ministry. The village we planned to teach in is not quite ready for our help at this time, which has been a bit discouraging. They just received the proper documentation to begin the final faze of building the community center. This is the building we were going to use as a base for our ministries. At this time we are a little limited to what we can do there. So, this month, we have branched out and started to minister with other ministries as well. Branching out was our long-term goal, but God has decided we need to branch out sooner. As usual, His plans are always best!

Pictures are sometimes better than words. So, here are some of the Highlights

Recognize this girl? We had a visitor from our home church for 9 days. Lauren needed to have a cultural experience for her college studies. We were glad to have her!

We went to a women’s prison and were a part of a special Christmas service sharing the Gospel message. We also brought sandwiches and smiles to help them through the Christmas season.

We were blessed to be a part of a mountain village church service, with special pantomime and music, and of course, our friend Tim, preached a wonderful message about the birth of our Savior and King and our need for Him. We prayed with, and for, many. And then we blessed each person with a bag of food for Christmas. It truly is more blessed to give than receive. It was a truly awesome time!

Janine and Carolina worked for days making 14 costumes for the Christmas drama.


1 New Year 365 New Opportunities. Be Brave, Friends - Toby Mac